How I learned to stop verbing and blank the object

How I learned to stop verbing and blank the object is a work of imaginary theater ostensibly about the sexual lives of objects. In five scenes, objects performed by humans make it, dance hard, go to a club, write letters, oscillate, rollerskate, have breakfast in bed, contemplate dreams, pillow talk, and demand ovations. These objects listen exclusively to sonically invigorating waves of improvised, left field electronica and ambient drone by Kelbey Saruk and James Cullen.

Objects //
Chu Ng / Suzy + bag head
Katherine Somody / Solkat
Krystle Sivorot / Widget + bag head
Layla Marcelle Mrozowski / Widget + bag head
Alex Thornton / Announcer

Sound // Duval
(Kelbey Saruk + James Cullen)

Kyla Gardiner + Layla Marcelle

Created by The Party in collaboration with the performers in 2014 and performed at Goldcorp Centre for the Arts- Studio T in Vancouver, BC.

Studio T, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver / Photo credits: Layla Marcelle, Alex Thornton

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