Beta Pink’s Space Bar is a traveling cosmic hideaway, where the galactic glitterati go to get away from themselves. The Space Bar exists for just a few short hours before teleporting to the next gravitationally bound system.


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The Space Bar popped into the galaxy at The Darling Foundry in Montreal in 2019.

The Space Bar is an ever-changing performance lounge, an assemblage of humans, pet-sized foam objects, and fake rocks where Beta Pink gives relationship advice and reads fortunes. She also offers a personalized dating service where human romance-seekers are matched with non-human objects.

Beta Pink launched OK Object, her intergalactic dating website, at The Space Bar in 2016 in Vancouver.

︎      The Party transmitted Beta Pink’s message to Lovetrons in Amsterdam and Bruges in April, 2019.

Beta Pink’s Space Bar first entered the galaxy when an assemblage opened a portal through an invisible intersubjective topography in 2095 via 2016.

Beta Pink reading a Love Portal Shape Test at her Space Bar.

Kyla Gardiner + Andrea Cownden at The Space Bar, VAL, Vancouver BC 2016 / Photo credit: Brendan Yandt

The Party is Kyla Gardiner + Layla Marcelle

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