A 4th dimensional lounge singer who exists contiguously in two realities, Linda Fox plays saxophone and sings synthetic dream songs about falling in love with an earthquake-proof bed, the void, and other esoteric pleasures.

What time is love? Linda Fox says that dancing is the answer. Linda's work with the Simu-Pod™ creates various strategies for world/self healing that can be tested virtually, and has been widely acknowledged by the wellness community as ‘our Last Chance.’

The time you have waited for has come.
The work is complete; the final world is here.
She has been transplanted and is alive.
---Mysterious voice in the night

Battle Your Demons in Dreamspace/concert at James Black Gallery, Vancouver 2017 / Dave Biddle, Justine A. Chambers, Andrea Cownden, Alex Mah, Layla Marcelle, Justin Williams
Photo credits: Analissa Longoria, Lucien Durey

Battle Your Demons in Dreamspace/concert at D.A.D.S., Chicago 2017
Mark Linda Fox
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