Reading Rainbows

A solo created and performed by Layla Marcelle 

Reading is a term from ball culture. It’s the verbal art of insulting someone through a descriptive, hyperbolic attack on a flaw in her appearance.

Reading Rainbows is a piece concerned with performative competition, cultural appropriation, and double entendres. Decked in a gold sequined blazer, red underwear and cowboy boots, Mrozowski constructs a mashup of music video, monologue and strip tease. In a fierce yet vulnerable performance, the audience is engaged directly and intimately. At times strangely menacing and at others silly, Marcelle inhabits the peculiar liminal space of sexy and awkward.

Text (in performance) by Zebra Katz and Njena Redd Foxxx

Stills from Institutional Cheese Plate, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver (2013)  and Little Berlin, Philadelphia (2012)

Volksroom, Brussels (2012)
Copyright 2021 Layla Marcelle