Better Lovers

Hypnotism Tapes

Chapter 1:
On Warm Adobe

On Warm Adobe engages explicitly and implicitly with the relationship between feeling and truth. Better Lovers present a social contract: You can learn to throw on the potter’s wheel through hypnotism. The absurdity of this proposition is directly proportional to our sincerity. Something happens, something distinctly embodied. There is feeling, in the haptic visuality of the video, in the soothing voice of the audio. The feelings might not directly correlate to skills-based knowledge, yet, the feelings do correlate to something deeply resonate with materiality, with synesthetic perception, and with tactile--- though perhaps ineffable---- meaning.

Installation view / Photo Credit: Alec Smith

On Warm Adobe
single channel video

video still

Better Lovers is Layla Marcelle + Jacob Raeder
Copyright 2020 Layla Marcelle